4 Warning Signs You Need A Pipe Repair

The pipes in your home require regular maintenance to ensure your household plumbing continues to work efficiently. Maintenance and repair will also help to prevent a major breakdown and will benefit your energy bills. See more here @ http://www.champion-plumbing.com

Pipes can often suffer minor malfunctions and need to be repaired professionally. If a repair is not carried out, this can lead to more severe problems, resulting in an expensive bill.
You may not always know when it’s time to fix your pipes, but these warning signs will help you to understand some of the common problems that indicate it’s time to call in the plumber.Plumbing Repairs San Antonio

Leaky Pipes

If your pipes are experiencing frequent leaks or you keep finding a pool of dripping water underneath the affected pipe, this is a sign that it is time to have it repaired.
A leaking pipe can sometimes only require a minor repair; however, if this leak continues to reoccur, this could be a sign of a more serious issue. Schedule an appointment to have maintenance carried out on your plumbing system and if the leak continues to persist, speak to a plumber about replacing the pipe.
Fixing a leaking pipe as soon as possible will help to conserve excess water and save you money on your energy bills

Corroded Pipes

Exposed pipes in your basement or outdoors are more likely to corrode faster than others; it is also easier to see any damage on exposed pipes.
If you find that the pipes in your home are starting to show damage, it is important that you have them repaired as soon as possible. Corrosion can cause severe destruction to your pipes, causing leaks and affecting the durability of your household plumbing system.
Finding signs of weathering on any outdoor or visible pipes may mean that the rest of the pipes in your home are also suffering from some damage. When pipes start to corrode, this can cause them to break completely if left untreated.
You should also look out for any spots of rust, which can be a sign of corrosion.

Low Water Pressure

The strength of the water in your shower or faucets is a good indication that the water pressure in your home has dropped. Low water pressure is a sign that your pipes need repair and may be in danger of failing.
As well as being extremely inconvenient, low water pressure can prevent your plumbing system from functioning properly throughout your home.
If you start to notice a change in the pressure of your faucets or other household appliances during everyday use, it is time to enquire about getting your pipes repaired.San Antonio Plumbers

Contaminated Water

Turning on your faucet to find the water is dirty or discolored suggests that the water in your pipes could be contaminated. If the murkiness does not disappear after a few moments, the contamination may be coming from rusty pipes.
Contaminated water can be a hazard to your and your family’s health; if the cause is down to a faulty pipe, you need to call in a plumber to repair the problem.