How to Prepare Your AC for the Summer

Your home’s energy bills are largely dependent on the consumption of energy from your boiler or furnace system, and especially on how efficiently your San Antonio Air Conditioning unit is running. A unit that is operating at its best efficiency can decrease your energy bill by as much as 20 percent, while a unit that has not been properly maintained will increase your energy bills substantially. Air Conditioner Service San Antonio
When you haven’t been running your AC, it will collect debris and leaves, so it needs a bit of maintenance to get running properly. It’s vital that you perform this maintenance before summer arrives, so you can make sure your AC is in great shape to keep you cool during the summer months and save you money in energy bills.
There are five basic steps to get your unit ready for performing at its best:
1. Change or Clean the Filter Monthly
Your AC might have disposable filters, or its filters might be able to be cleansed with water. No matter the type of filter your unit has, your priority needs to be cleaning the filters. When your filters are dusty or dirty, your AC system needs to function more to deliver cold air into your home.
2. Clean the Outdoor Unit
Your outdoor unit is also known as a condenser, and it shouldn’t have anything obstructing the equipment. Any debris, grass clippings or plant growth can damage and clog your system, making it run less efficiently. Carefully and gently cleanse the coil from the fins using a clean brush or cloth, being careful not to bend the fins. When you keep your outdoor unit without dirt and debris will boost your AC unit’s efficiency by reducing the resistance. Remember to turn off the thermostat before cleaning your AC system!
3. Clean Indoor Ductwork
A professional should conduct a total cleaning of your ductwork, as it is hidden within your walls and ceilings. You can do some cleaning yourself; you just need to remove the registers, inspect and wipe the duct parts that are visible. Make sure to check the ducts for any water damage or tears, as they can become a bigger issue in the future, and you need to get them fixed.
When your air ducts accumulate moisture due to condensation, this will wreck your system and lead to fungus and mold growth. This problem needs to be addressed immediately by contacting a professional plumber. Don’t try and fix the unit by yourself, as the malfunction could be due to a variety of issues.
4. Maintain and Check the Fan Belts on the Outdoor Unit
The fan belts need to be regularly adjusted or replace if needed. You can purchase these belts at a home improvement or hardware store. It’s important that you make sure you buy the proper replacement parts for your system. These components guarantee that your AC unit runs at peak performance, so they are a vital part in keeping your energy bills lower.
5. Schedule a Pre-Summer Tune-Up by a Professionalac tune up
Every once in awhile, hire an AC technician to check your AC unit and make sure it’s running properly. A professional will have the know-how and proper tools to fix, upgrade or unclog your unit, keeping it operating at its maximum efficiency. They will also address any problems before they become a larger issue. The expense of having a professional tune-up your system will prolong your unit’s lifespan, making it a great investment.