Small Business Marketing Ideas for 2017

We’re already halfway through 2016, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about new marketing strategies for your small business. Your business is your passion, and you’re always looking for new ways to improve it. Internet marketing might not be your main focus, but it’s something that should be important to any small business.Internet marketing San Antonio

Here are some simple tips and tricks that are helpful marketing ideas for all small businesses this year:

Mobile Accessibility

Smartphones are now one of the main ways that people gain access to and browse the Internet. If you haven’t already, you need to think about how your customers see you on their mobiles. Only 42 percent of people browse the Internet using a desktop or laptop, whereas 51 percent of people use their phones. Smartphones are becoming so popular for going online that 38 percent of Facebook users are mobile-only.

Over the last few years, the use of smartphones has escalated rapidly and with that, so has the development of mobiles phones. How your customers see you on a mobile device should be one of your main priorities when it comes to marketing. If customers can’t view your website very well on their phone, it will put them off visiting your site.

You want to ensure that your site is mobile friendly, or you could think about developing a mobile app for your business. It’s not just your website that you need to think about when it comes to mobile devices. You also need to make sure that your emails are developed to work on all types of devices. Don’t let your business fall behind.

Content Marketing

How you should promote your businesses products, services, and specials – it’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of time thinking about this when it comes to planning your company’s key messages. Sharing all of your offers with potential customers, of course, is a great idea, but this should not be the only or main information that you share.

No matter what your business is, content should always be a priority. It needs to be good quality, engaging, and provide potential customers with information. Content marketing helps to build trust with the customers and helps to develop the business, so it is considered an expert in whatever it provides. Although a lot of businesses are beginning to use visual imagery instead of content, content will always be the most used way to get a connection with customers.

Content marketing should be something that you have fun with, keep your customers engaged by sharing fun and interesting information about your business, but don’t oversell it. There are only so many emails, posts and other forms of content that customers can handle until they begin to get overwhelmed and feel that they are being spammed. You want to highlight your business but not drive people away from it.

Social Media

There is no denying that social media platforms have become extremely popular. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are some of the most accessed websites on the Internet right now. In fact, Facebook has 1.49 billion users active every month. Social Media Marketing San Antonio

If your business isn’t on a social media platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, then get yourself on there now! Being on a social media platform can give your business a much stronger presence and allow people from all over the world to know about you. The more social media platforms you can get yourself on, the more popular your business could become. However, it is important to keep in mind your target audience and where they will be found.

Social media is also commonly used for customers to have their say or to contact you. Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms allow your business to have a much deeper connection and interaction with the customers. The faster you can reply to these customers, the more trust and support you will receive from them.

Spend some time figuring out what social media sites work best for your business. Instagram is a visual social media site, so it’s a great way to show off your products, but not so great for communicating with customers or potential ones. Facebook allows you to share links, images, posts, and more to keep your customers engaged. Twitter is best for communicating with your customers or sharing tweets about sales or specials. Not all business will suit every social media site, so it’s all about experimenting.

Be Creative

Be creative with your marketing strategies. Emails are a great place to begin your creativity, as they have a lot of potential, and they’re also completely free. Try techniques such as questions, single words, and personalization. Personalizing your emails by using the name of the recipient is a brilliant way to connect with the customer. Single words can prompt curiosity and questions can get your customers thinking.

Video Content

Video content has fast become an extremely popular way of online marketing. Every day, around 18,000 minutes of video are uploaded onto YouTube – that’s 300 hours every minute. Videos are a great way to capture the attention of potential customers. Keep your business up to date by uploading your own video content or by sharing links from third parties.

Both tutorials and blogging have become highly popular, and people love watching them. Of course, photos will never go out of fashion, they will always be the main way to show visuals, but videos have definitely become just as important. Consider how you can work them into your content

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