San Antonio Tree Removal Experts

We have some beautiful trees scattered around our home and some of them are over twenty years old. Our children love to spend time playing around them and we enjoy the shade that they provide during the hotter months. Unfortunately, one of my most favorite trees has died after being struck by lightning during a storm. Because of that I am going to have to attend to the tree’s removal. I considered hiring a Tree Trimming / Tree Removal company to do it for me, but I am also looking at the Internet to see if I can do it myself.San Antonio tree Removal

I already own a chainsaw and I know that before using it to take out this tree I am going to have to make sure I have all the right safety equipment. It is recommended that full head gear including well fitted eye protection is worn to protect the head from any stray chips or branches hurting the face and skull. Thick, heavy duty leather gloves are also recommended. These will protect the hands and provide a good grip on the wood. Finally it is important to wear a pair of heavy boots that have good ankle support and anti-slipping tread on them as this will keep the feet stable on the ground.

I learned that it is very important that you make sure the chainsaw is nice and sharp before you begin the job. Carefully consider the surroundings around the tree to determine where you want to bring it down, taking into account surrounding buildings and overhead power lines as you don’t want to damage either of those things when you drop the tree. You can pull the tree down into the drop zone using ropes and use a plastic wedge to stop the tree from springing back onto the chainsaw while you are cutting into it.

Once the tree is down you can commence chopping it into smaller and more manageable pieces. Start by trimming off all of the branches and then cut the main trunk into chunks. Make sure that everyone stays away from the tree until the limbs are removed and the trunk cutting has commenced. If the trunk is very thick, you can cut half way though and then roll it over to repeat. The limbs and trunk can be used by firewood or may even be sold through local advertising as a way to make a little extra money.

The final part of a tree removal is getting rid of the stump. Renting a tree stump grinder is the fastest way to get rid of it. Other options include burning it out or poisoning it out but the latter will take some years to complete.Tree Removal

Based on the information that I have read and the fact that the dead tree is a small one, I think that I am going to enlist the help of a friend and take care of the tree removal myself. If that does not work then I will call in the tree removal and Landscape Caretakers San Antonio experts to finish off the job for me. I have a few neighbors that have used their service in the past and they were very happy with the work that was completed.