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Welcome to Dr. William J. Cruse Family Dentistry, a San Antonio based family dentistry practice dedicated to providing patient-centered, efficient, and innovative care to help patients of all ages enjoy maximum oral health and wellness.

Located on Hardy Oak Blvd, we offer a comprehensive array of dental services, including routine dental care, preventative care, teeth cleaning, dental checkups, dentures, root canal treatments, TMJ therapy, tooth extractions, and fillings, along with complete pediatric dentistry care for children and teenagers. Our practice is dedicated to providing compassionate care for patients suffering from dental anxiety, ensuring you and your family remain comfortable, calm, and relaxed.

Dr. William J. Cruse Family Dentistry is uniquely positioned to offer our clients a vast array of dental care options in San Antonio, Texas, including treatment of simple and complex oral health problems, as well as specialty services. We also offer preventative care, so all our patients can enjoy healthier teeth and gums, leading to an attractive smile and self-confidence, no matter what their age.